Update on my life.

So hello guys it's been an long while hasn't it? I hope you are okay and I hope you are feeling blessed with life right now. I thought I would update you on my life. I have planned an mental health pop up session to raise awareness on mental health and to break the stigma … Continue reading Update on my life.


Introduction to the new chapter of the blog and life!

Going to keep it short and sweet (like myself). It's#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek  I've not been on my blog that much because I've been unwell physically and mentally and I couldn't bring great content out when I just wasn't well so please forgive me.  I wanted to revamp my blog as I just feel like it needs a revamp. I'm still going to … Continue reading Introduction to the new chapter of the blog and life!

Sepsis Awareness

Hellooo Everyone! I hope you are all okay today. Today I want to spread awareness about something that is close to my heart as my Gran had a "Simple!" chest infection which led to sepsis and if I didn't of battled my anxiety and picked up that phone to call 999. Well, I wouldn't have a … Continue reading Sepsis Awareness