Beauty Treatments at Underground Beauty

Hello, my lovely readers,

Since lockdown and the whole coronavirus situation I have not been feeling myself and I have this thing what happens every couple of months that I feel ugly and I do try and avoid mirrors and selfies at all cost.

Everyone is beautiful. You do not need beauty treatments to see your worth at all but personally I feel horrible about everything about me since lockdown. I also thought it Is a bit of self-care. I have saved my pennies during this lockdown. I thought why not treat myself!

Since lockdown, my roots were showing and my brows are so untamed and my eyelashes aren’t as thick as I want them so I thought why not book into and have them and review them after I’ve had them done!

I have just dyed my hair black and I am feeling a bit better, but I cannot wait for my lashes and my brows to be done!

I booked in for my eyebrows to be waxed and tinted. I have also booked to have The Russian volume eyelash extensions on August 10th, 2020 but that appointment got moved to the 19th August.

Booking was extremely easy; I direct messaged Courtney and booked my treatments. But you can also book your treatments online which is so helpful when you are busy.

If you want to book an appointment, here is the booking link. –

I have very light eyebrows and I am super fed up of drawing my eyebrows on because it is a pain and sometimes you don’t get your perfect brows when drawing them and it’s very disheartening and quite frankly it upsets my day if I don’t get my brows right then I get paranoid that people are staring at my badly drawn eyebrows. 

What is better than having a little rest and a gossip while having your treatments done? I love it.

I am so happy as it was so relaxing, and I was not nervous as I trust Courtney.

Courtney is so amazing. She has such a great talent and she is friendly and extremely helpful if it is your first time having lashes, or any facial treatments and you are nervous.

How much was the treatments?

Brow wax & tint are £10.00

Russian volume eyelash extensions are £40.00.

Russian volume infills are £30.00

How long did it take to have the treatments?

It took 2 hours and 45 minutes which it went quick once you lie down and have a little gossip or a little sleep.

Was it painful?

No, it felt great. I thought eyebrow waxing would hurt but no, I felt no pain with the waxing. I rather have them waxed than treading as threading was very painful for me.

I also felt no pain with my eyelashes either. If you do feel pain, tell your lash technician asap.

The customer service was friendly and amazing.

I fully recommend Courtney and Underground Beauty. I will forever be going to her for my beauty treatments.

Before picture

After picture –

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