Goals for 2021

Hello, my fabulous readers,

2019 and 2020 has been horrendous to say the least. I have been thinking about the future recently for myself, my blog, my social medias platforms, beauty goals, and my health. One thing what I have been doing to improve my mental health is writing goals what I want to do and what I need to. So, I thought why not write a goal for 2021 then I can revisit it at the end of 2021. 

Blog Goals for 2021 –

  • Hit 1K followers on my blog.
  • Hit 200,000 views on my blog.
  • Go to more blogging events.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Collaborate with other brands.
  • Get noticed by brands.

Social Media Goals for 2021 –

Instagram Goals – 

  • Hit 15K followers.
  • Find new flat lays and background for my pictures.
  • Get on a PR list and get recognised.
  • Collaborate with brands.

Twitter Goals – 

  • Hit 3K followers. 

Facebook Page Goals – 

  • Hit 1K likes. 

Mental Health Goals 

  • Find an therapist who will help my head. 
  • Set boundaries. 
  • Deal with my emotions. 
  • Deal with my trauma. 
  • Sort my medication out. 

Goals for myself 

  • Get my confidence back. 
  • Never give up. 
  • Accept my flaws. 
  • Practice mindfulness daily. 

Fitness Goals

  • Get my cardio endurance better. 
  • Start my power lifting journey. 
  • Start my fitness journey. 

I will revisit this post on the 30th July 2021 and I will update you all. 

See you soon x 

Shannon Diana x 



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