Deep Black Live Intense Colour

Hello my lovelies,

As you know the past how many months, we were in lockdown so we could not get to our hairdressers for a fresh trim and to hide the roots.

Intense live deep black
The packaging is so nice.

Quick story time before we start.

Grab your cuppas and biscuits.

Back in October I dyed my hair the brightest blue ever. I did the home bleach kit which I do not recommend, and I used another brands hair dye and I ruined my hair! I now have green roots. I cannot stand it so you can picture me having green roots.

Blue hair
When I had blue hair. 

My natural hair colour is brunette if anyone wanted to know.

I have been using live intense hair dye for many years! I have used the deep black, real red, the cyber purple, ultraviolet, cosmic blue and mystic violet. So, you can kind of tell, I am the dying hair queen in this family.

But today I am using the colour deep black. I just miss having black hair and when I have black hair my roots take an exceptionally long time to come through which is a bonus for my bank account.

I have longish hair, so it takes about 3 boxes to dye my whole head. I payed £14.37 for the whole three boxes. I brought mine from Superdrug as they had an offer on for my Superdrug beauty card.

Always do a patch test before you dye your hair because you do not want an allergic reaction.

Always wear an old top and wear gloves while dying your hair because you don’t want to ruin a new top with hair dye.


What you get in the box. You get the big gloves which I love.  You also need to shake it very well for the colour to develop into the developer. 

Before picture –

Before Picture hair dye
I had terrible roots from that bleaching disaster, which really messed with my confidence.

During the process –

During hair dye
I dye my hair while also dying my body in the making.

After Picture-

Finished Har dye
I washed my hair till the water ran clear and I applied care conditioner what was with the dye. 

Final Impressions

I love this hair dye. It is my holy grail product; I will never stop using this hair dye. In the natural light it is amazing! The care conditioner smells delicious and it also makes your hair fluffy. It does not budge. It has made me feel so much better. I’ve used other brands of hair dye but this one is my favourite.. I am the one who gets dye everywhere and even on my body. But it came off so easy with other brands but this one took two minutes to get off. 

See you soon 

Shannon Diana x 


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