Sence Animal Sheet Mask


Hello my lovelies,

I was eyeing up some face masks in one of my favourite shops which is home bargains months before we went into lockdown and I brought it and just shoved it in my skin care draw. I felt sad last night, so I thought why not shove a sheet mask on and watch some Netflix which I did.

This is my honest review of this product. I’m not shading the brand as I had the fox before, and it was quite nice. I just did not like it and my face did not.

face mask
The packaging was super cute! 

I brought a monkey sheet mask and let me tell you now, it was a monkey but it was terrifying and ten times bigger than my face but it just felt like a gimmick if I am honest, I’m not shading the brand but it wasn’t my thing.

In their words, cleans pores and removes dirt and oil.  I don’t know if it lived up to their words as I didn’t have it on for long. 

I think I paid £1.50, which was not cheap as I could have got a Superdrug one for 99p.

Getting it out of the packet was like bambi on ice, it was so slippery and to get it right, took more than 2 minutes.

I used a face mask brush to set it on my face but it was big so I could not get it on well as bits were flapping around when I tried to get it on which was annoying me, every time I got one place down the other place moved. It smelt weird like out of a chemical factory and that gave me red flags, not like any other sheet mask I tried.

face mask 2
As you see it, it was massive! 

You are meant to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, but it lasted about 5 minutes because it was annoying me, and my face went tingly and that is not a good sign.

I thought it was for children at first, but I thought, if it does not fit my face right how would It fit a child’s face.

Snapchat ruins the picture quality but the aftermath of the mask!   

My final thoughts on the sheet mask 

The product was dripping everywhere. I would not purchase again because my face was bright red after 5 minutes and the smell was a put off for me. The packaging did it for me, it was a cute little monkey and I thought why not try it.

If I am honest, save your pennies and get a better one what does not smell like wall stripper and makes your face go tingly.

See you soon 

Shannon Diana x 

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