Strawberry Sherbet Texture Hold

Strawberry Sherbet Texture Hold – PINK HONEY UK

Hello, my fabulous readers,

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Today I am reviewing a water activating eyebrow gel from the company called PINK HONEY UK. 

The product is called Strawberry Sherbet Texture Hold

The description of the product-

This formula has been specially designed to coat each hair giving extreme texture to the whole brow. Making them look super fluffy, the ‘texture hold’ is perfect for making any small and fine hairs appear thicker and fuller. ‘Texture hold’ is infused with our stay all day formula for that extra hold and our sweet strawberry scent.

I saw all the hype on Instagram and Facebook, so I thought why not try it out for myself and my readers on the blog! When you purchase a pink honey brow glue product you will receive a bamboo spoolie and an instruction card on how to use their product. 

It smells delicious! 

My first impressions

I love the little jar that the brow gel comes in as it actually looks like a little jar of honey hence the name pink honey and it is aesthetically pleasing to look at and you can tell it is going to last me a long time. 

It is vegan and cruelty free which I adore.

It was £8.99 and it was £2.80 shipping fee which was not that pricey for a brow product which saved me pennies in the long run considering laminating your brows can cost you up to £60 to £70 pound.

It cost me in total £11.79 which saves me £58 pound. Which me and my bank account are loving that. 

Me when opening the jar and smelling the strawberry sherbet scent! 

Shipping time?

I ordered this on the 18th of July, and it was delivered on 23rd July which I thought it was super-fast considering the global pandemic. It was delivered by royal mail.

So how do you use the brow gel?

You can fill in your eyebrows or you can leave them natural like I have done.

You must spray your spoolie and swirl into the pot for 10 seconds.

You need comb the brow hairs up and follow by using your finger in the same upward motion to stick the brows down.

Before Picture –

Before Picture
I have not had my brows tinted or waxed since January because the global pandemic, so they are super light and untamed.  

After Picture-

After picture 1
When I first used the product. It was very easy to use if you are an brow beginner just like me.  
After Picture 2
20 minutes after. I really felt the texture hold. (This was my first attempted) 

My final thoughts on Strawberry Sherbet Texture Hold

I personally love it after using it for a couple of weeks; it gives you the natural laminated fluffy brow for more than 24 hours I found without costing a ton of money. I think that it will look more fuller for me once I have had my brows tinted and waxed because my brows are naturally light. The shipping was quick considering we are in a pandemic. I am going to purchase the cola cube tinted one as I want to see if it really tints as I think that would be perfect for me and I will let you know my thoughts on that product. 

If you have an beauty product you are wanting to try but do not want to spend money on it in case it’s not very good. Please comment below and I will do my best to try and review it! 

See you soon 

Shannon Diana x 

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